How Traffic Cop Exchange Works

How it works

Here is a short list that explains how Traffic Cop works



 Add your websites

Click on the Websites tab to create your first campaign. With a basic account, you are given 3 website slots for free. Add the webpage URLs you want to receive hits to in our network and configure the visit duration, maximum hits per hour, hits limit, traffic source (Pro/Business only) and geo-targeting (Business only) settings to your liking. If you need more website slots, you can always upgrade your account or purchase booster packs.


Surf for traffic points

Download the Traffic Cop Screensaver application for your operating system. Open up the exchanger and earn points for every webpage you visit in our network! Basic, Pro and Business accounts will earn 75% (0.75 points), 100% (1 points), and 200% (2 points) respectively for every visit. If you need more traffic points, you can always upgrade your account or purchase booster packs.


Sit back and receive hits

As long as your campaigns are active and you have points remaining in your balance, you will receive hits to your websites from other users in our network. Your campaigns are on auto-pilot so you can focus on your website/business while we send you visitors. If you ever need to make changes, our dashboard lets you easily edit and keep track of all your campaigns.


Refer your friends

If you love our service, you can share your referral link to your friends or other website owners to earn commission points when they surf. Basic, Pro and Business accounts will earn 5%, 10% and 15% commission points respectively when their referrals are surfing.


Sign up for a free account

Sign up for a free account to get started. It’s quick and easy. All we need from you is your desired username, your password and a valid e-mail address. If you sign up now, you’ll get 100 free signup points! Once you have completed signing up, you will be sent to our dashboard where you can explore our awesome features!